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Dr. Tan Wang Theng
"What I love most about medical aesthetics is that after more than 10 years, I’m still constantly learning. As my knowledge grows, so has my passion."

I’ve made it my mission to seek out both innovative skincare and time-tested facial techniques that heal and empower the skin to rediscover its own natural vibrancy and rhythm.

This allows me to create holistic therapies that correct targeted issues from multiple angles whilst cultivating better skin health.

I believe everyone can benefit from clearer, healthier and rejuvenated skin that will represent them well for many years to come. It brings me profound joy and satisfaction to speak with everyone that comes in to our clinic, because it’s an opportunity to help them fall back in love with their skin.

My Life | My Masterpiece

Creating a masterpiece is a worthwhile endeavour that requires passion, determination, and often inspiration. But most importantly, it is a process.

Our signature therapies at Moyem are the culmination of my experience and determination - my trusted paintbrushes to bring out the best in each individual at various stages of their life.

Just as nothing is made in a vacuum, our aim is to work hand-in-hand with everyone that comes in and strive together towards crafting the most substantial undertaking of your lifetime - you.

My Life | My Masterpiece
Dr. Tan Wang Theng