Always look on the brighter side

Improving tired-looking eyes is not just a simple function of clocking more beauty sleep – as you probably would have realized by now. Dark eye circles are the bane of many women’s (and men’s) existence, and can be tricky to treat. These are some common causes and accompanying targeted solutions to help you see the light and walk out of the dark shadows effectively:



Brownish dark circles are caused by melanin pigment pile up. Skin allergies (e.g. eczema or chronic irritation from cosmetics), frequent eye rubbing, environmental damage, and genetics (typically in darker-skinned beauties) can contribute to hyperpigmentation.

Simple Solutions: Avoid offending factors such as irritating eye products or cosmetics. Protect your delicate peepers with sunscreen and sunglasses when outdoors. Form | Matter Eye Wish serum is formulated with both skin brightening & strengthening ingredients to rejuvenate and illuminate dark eye circles, along with HEV deflection technology to protect vulnerable eyelids from damaging rays emitted by smartphones and computers.

In-Clinic Solutions: BriteLase undereye laser is a brilliant lunchtime treatment to remove stubborn pigmented dark circles whilst boosting collagen tone, hence restoring youthful sparkle to tired eyes.



Bluish or purplish half-moons under the eyes are due to sluggish skin microcirculation. These bruise-like dark eye circles can be worsened by insufficient rest, smoking, alcohol and nasal congestion.

Genetically translucent fair skin, which is particularly susceptible to the thinning effects of aging, can cause the purplish or reddish hue of the underlying undereye muscle to be visible through the skin.

Simple Solutions: Besides taking anti-histamines and decongestants to relieve any nasal congestion, keep a look out for ingredients like caffeine and collagen-boosting peptides to get the flow going and stave off the thinning effects of aging.

In-Office Solutions: The pairing of BriteLase undereye laser and Eye Perk eye facial enhances skin microcirculation, and boosts skin plumping hydration and collagen regeneration to put the twinkle back into blinkers.



The tear trough is an under-recognized cause of persistent dark eye circles. This anatomical hollowing below the inner corner of the eye casts a marked dark shadow that’s resistant to all eye products. The undereye hollows typically worsen with age due to deflation and sagging of the cheeks.

A simple test in front of a mirror will help you differentiate between true dark circles and anatomical tear troughs: Tug your undereye skin gently – if the dark colour moves with you, it’s a bona fide dark eye circle within your skin. A typical tear trough will look better as you squish a little skin and fat upwards to mimic filling out of the depression.

Simple Solutions: Creams are ineffective in levelling out tear troughs. Clever use of concealers can visually improve its appearance to a certain extent in mild cases.

In-Office Solutions: The good news is, small droplets of Youth Dew SkinBooster can lift those age-piling undereye hollows – instantly, and for several months.



A combination of problems frequently co-exists in the same person, which calls for a multi-prong action plan.

M | Eye Bright refreshes pesky panda eyes plagued by a multitude of problems: The dream team of BriteLase, Youth Dew and Eye Perk works synergistically to dispel the dark pigments, activate new collagen production, improve local microcirculation, lift undereye hollows and replenish dry thinned skin, reigniting a lively vibrancy and setting skin’s youthful elasticity in naturally wrinkle-free motion.