Redefine Graceful Aging Without Surgery

Going under the knife can be a daunting prospect for anyone. Thanks to the ever-changing world of medical aesthetics and the technologies it inspires, this is no longer the only option for defying sagging skin. In fact, more people are now in favour of more subtle facial refreshments to quietly ease away (or stave off) signs of aging, while avoiding the recovery time and risks associated with surgery. Here’s our ultimate guide to the non-surgical facelift and how it can help you.



This is the non-surgical facelift of the future for all skin types. Going beyond the surface, this jewel of non-invasive facelift treatments works deep beneath the skin to rebuild its own strong collagen support from foundation up, in all the key layers. This sets the all-important foundation to help skin stand firm against gravity and the ravages of time from within – year after year.

The secret lies in the power pairing of Ultherapy and Exilis Skin Gym, two top-tier FDA-approved technologies to supercharge skin’s resilience against aging forces without injections or downtime. Ideal for turning back the clock on sagging skin, or just slowing down the hands of time on just about any face.



Bandages are out. Threadlifts are back in. With FDA’s nod of approval for the new-generation resorbable Silhouette Soft sutures, there has been a rapid resurgence of threadlifts in the recent years.

Utilising poly-L-lactic acid collagen stimulator threads, the Silhouette Soft Lift technique aims to instantly suspend and reposition specific stubborn saggy fat deposits causing jowls or double chins for an immediate and discreet lifting effect. Treatment involves simple, relatively painless small injections to result in a youthful, V-shaped face. These new-generation threads distinguish with 5 significant benefits:

1. They are specially designed with unique anchoring bio-cones, delivering better support and longer lasting lifting results as compared to most regular threads on the market.

2. They provide softer, more natural-looking results, and do not need to be tied and anchored to the scalp as compared to old-generation threads.

3. They are clinically proven safe and are 100% absorbable and thus, will not stay permanently in the body.

4. They stimulate the production of new collagen as well, improving skin’s tone with time.

5. They allow for individual customization for a tailored treatment, and give buildable results.



From the overly simplistic one-dimensional facelift of the yester-years where excess skin is nipped-tucked into the plasticky taut “wind-tunnel” look, doctors have now realised the importance of restoring the three-dimensional facial contours for a natural youthful look. 

We slowly shrink away with age – fatty soft tissue pockets in areas like the upper cheeks and temples are particularly prone to deflation, and even the skeleton quietly wastes away – causing tired or harsh looking hollows or grooves, as well as exaggerated sagging of poorly supported lax skin as gravity pulls. The widespread availability of FDA-approved natural fillers in the recent 10 years gave doctors a safe, reliable and effective medium to resculpt the face and lift sagging skin. Premium skin-identical hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers are a well-tested way to instantly replenish lost volume to restore smoother and more defined three-dimensional contours, and reapply the the underlying support structure to re-drape sagging skin.

Advanced assessment tools and refined techniques – based on both modern understanding of structural aging process of the face and time-proven ‘artistic ideals’ (like the Golden Ratio of Phi) developed and used by artists – now further guide the eyes and hands of the doctor to sculpt not only a more youthful face most effectively, but also a more proportionate and attractive one at the same time.

Results are non-permanent (as skin-identical HA fillers will get naturally metabolised like our skin’s own) but long-lasting, offering ladies and men a safe, effective and customisable choice to refresh their looks when desired.



Similar principles apply to many things in life: Less is more. Simple is best. Natural is key. This is especially the case for anti-aging treatments to counter sagging skin.

Before carrying out treatment, our experienced doctor will see each and every patient for a thorough assessment and consultation. No two people are the same, therefore, you will receive a bespoke and logical treatment plan based on your particular concerns, skin condition and preferences. This not only ensures your interests and safety are upheld at all times, it also means that you’ll gain optimum, natural-looking results from scientifically-proven premium treatments delivered via well-trained hands. We hope to cultivate a partnership with you to help turn back the clock quietly on your skin and allow you cruise smoothly through the decades with grace.