If your wrinkles could talk…

We use the blanket term “wrinkles” to describe the appearance of skin creases, crinkles, ridges, and folds that give away our age. But did you know that not all visible wrinkles are one in the same? Let us help you read between the lines to ID your wrinkles and formulate targeted wrinkle-smoothing strategy your skin is crying out for to best repair those scars of time.


WHAT: Frown lines, horizontal forehead lines and smile lines around the eye corners due to facial muscle movement.

WHY: Continuous creasing of the overlying skin by expression muscles on the daily basis damages and wrinkles skin in the direction perpendicular to the muscle movement. Thin, delicate skin and those with strong overactive muscles are most susceptible to expression wrinkles.   

HOW: It’s virtually impossible (and definitely too harsh on yourself) to swear off smiling forever. Fortunately, a touch of Botox is a well-tested antidote to ease the crease by down-modulating specific overactive muscles in a cleverly controlled fashion. Intermittent maintenance done regularly will prevent ‘dynamic’ expression wrinkles from developing into deep, permanent ‘static’ wrinkles by protecting the delicate skin around the eyes and upper face from excessive damage.

Precise placement of Botox can also rebalance muscles of the upper face to gently perk up slouchy brows and create a naturally refreshed “Happy Lift”.       


WHAT: Fine lines on the face that are almost parallel to each other.

WHY: These fine wrinkles can show up on different areas of the face and body, but tend to disappear when skin is stretched transversally (i.e. they shift when your body posture changes). They are associated with loss of skin elasticity with ageing. Factors like sun exposure and smoking cause premature damage and increasingly permanent wrinkles.

HOW: Since these wrinkles are due to the loss of collagen, skin-rejuvenation treatments such as BriteLase, SmartXide laser, Exilis Skin Gym, Clear Reveal and Youth Dew Skinbooster can help to re-densify and rebuild stronger, naturally smoother skin. P.S.: Don’t forget the daily skin protectors such as your trusty sunscreen and antioxidants to fend off environmental aggressors that accelerate skin ageing and neutralize your efforts.


WHAT: Deep stubborn furrows, most commonly between the brows and forehead.

WHY: Loss of volume with age, coupled with declining skin elasticity, give rise to resistant deep wrinkles that tend to reappear quickly after Botox.   

HOW: Natural hyaluronic acid fillers can help to restore the age-padding plumpness of Youth in the sunken areas and lift stubborn lines from within.


WHAT: Folds and lines that accompany saggy skin. 

WHY: Gravity finds us all, and leaves its marks on our faces as laugh lines, jowls, nasojugal folds running across saggy cheeks, as well as wrinkly, droopy lids. Since gravitational folds are related to the strength of your skin’s structure, dramatic weight loss (with loss of facial volume) may make them more obvious or likely to occur. 

HOW: If a surgical facelift is nowhere on your agenda, M | Ulthera Youth Revive, Silhouette Soft Lift and Phi Lift (Natural Fillers) are non-surgical face savers responsible for many mysteriously ageless famous faces. 


WHAT: These can appear on the forehead, cheeks, upper lip or décolletage in the morning from sleeping. While some disappear throughout the day, others stay for the long-term. 

WHY: The benefits of beauty sleep are real. Unfortunately, so are the compression wrinkles that form from squishing your face (often the same side repeatedly) against a pillow 8 hours every night for decades. 

HOW: This is a case where sleeping on your back is a brilliant idea to limit further skin damage. Youth Dew Skinbooster plumps up deeper etched-in lines, whilst SmartXide Lite laser promotes dermal repair and collagen remodeling to re-strengthen and smoothen the whole damaged skin surface.    

Our life’s fortune might be etched into our palms. But when it comes to facial wrinkles, your cosmetic destiny is in your hands.