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glow go

Glow & Go

Need to Know: Quick skin detox to freshen up the complexion. Decongests + replenishes key nutrients with high-tech ultrasound therapy for glow activation.
Starved for time and your skin’s showing the stress? Spark your complexion turnaround with this no-nonsense facial for busy bees. Ultrasonic Deep Pore Cleansing purges “the gunk” (think: stubborn impurities, ageing environmental toxins, dead surface skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads), keeping pores pristine without the trauma of harsh manual extractions. Delivering a jolt of adrenaline for skin, ionic infusion of clinical-strength vitamin C elevates sluggish skin into a brighter, energized state and equips you with a wonder weapon against premature ageing. Re-emerge refreshed and ready to face the world as your skin reflects the morning glow.

Not Suitable For: Pregnant guests
Best Paired With: LED light therapy, Eye Perk, SkinFit therapy

skin fit

Skin Fit

Impressive as an adjunct therapy to facials, peels and lasers. Delicious even on its own. This fab-for-all personal trainer for skin employs intense ultrasound micro-vibration to perform triple duty of collagen toning, lymphatic detox and transdermal delivery of a variety of custom-blended concentrates. Deliver a moisture surge to invigorate dull, dehydrated dermis for an out-of-the-shower freshness. Revive and tone the fatigued face with revitalizing vitamins to instantly uplift and leave you glowing like an angel. Boost lightening of post-pimple stains and pigment spots with professional grade vitamin C and super antioxidant infusion. Whatever your current concern(s), this wonder worker has got you covered.

Not Suitable For: Pregnant guests
Best Paired With: LED light therapy, BRITELASE

light therapy

LED Light Therapy

Need to Know: For all skin types. Reduces acne, stimulates collagen production and encourages healing. Great for rosacea sufferers.

Brilliant NASA technology turbo-boosts your clinical facial or laser treatment using scientifically-proven wavelengths of LED light to stimulate collagen, enhance skin healing, calm redness or prevent future breakouts. As a standalone treatment, a quick 20-minute LED session is invaluable for enhancing skin regeneration and supporting the energy function of mitochondria (a.k.a. the powerhouse of skin cells) for healthy radiant skin. No time for troublesome skin that is sluggish and slow to heal? LED Red is our favourite tool to relieve sun burns and heal post-acne aftermath. The combination of blue and red LED light treatments are clinically proven to combat acne, ridding the skin of problem-causing bacteria . For those with sensitive skin and rosacea, LED Red and Purple therapies are an ideal allergen-free way to improve the skin’s barrier function, making it more resilient and reducing redness. Extremely safe to use even on the long-term, this is your skin’s new BFF.

Best Paired With: HydraFacial MD, Glow & Go, PICTURE PERFECT

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