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picture perfect

M | Picture Perfect

Program Details: 3 sessions of LED Blue light therapy, 3 sessions of LED Red light therapy, 3 sessions of HydraFacial MD, 3-time Intensive A+ Mask

Recapture radiant clarity with sophisticated technology – a modern alternative to prolonged courses of oral medications. When problem skin flares up, treatment and prevention must go hand-in-hand. Our two-phase proactive program gets tough with breakouts and blemishing marks from all angles, while strengthening up skin's defense against acne. Scientifically-backed LED Red + LED Blue dual light therapy, along with a potent blend of anti-inflammatory concentrates, reduce problem-causing bacteria and quell pimple breakouts. Skin is brought back into clear balance and fortified against future breakouts by the combination of pore-preening HydraFacial MD and a proprietary blend of immuno-boosting + acne mark lightening actives. Strike the perfect pose in photo-perfect skin.

Special Note: Pregnant guests, and patients on oral roaccutane or topical vitamin A should inform our nurses and doctor.
fabulous forever

M | Fabulous Forever
6 Sessions | we age by stories, not years.

Program Details: 3 sessions of Perfecting Luxe and 3 sessions of HydraFacial MD.

A 6-session rejuvenating facial program to enhance clarity, texture and tone. Includes Perfecting Luxe and HydraFacial MD, Protect and maintain your skin against daily degeneration. Natural beauty boosted and preserved by an exclusive protocol featuring of not one, but two, complexion-perfecting favourites on the celebrity circuit. A mix of high-tech marvelicious gems progressively activates each layer of skin to rev up cell metabolism, dermal repair, and regeneration of collagen fibres and elastin. Skin becomes more resilient, radiant and rejuvenated with each treatment, so you can revel in naturally evened out lines, downsized pores, clear bouncy skin and youthful glowing contour.

Special Note: Ultrasonic Deep Pore Cleansing and SkinFit therapy are not recommended for pregnant guests.

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