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NeoGen Plasma STAR

Renew and rejuvenate uninspired face and eyes with the power of stars. No divine intervention needed.

M | Bright & Toned

You've got 99 problems, giving up isn't one. Strengthen the fundamental health of sensitive or thinned out skin troubled by redness, rosacea, melasma, deep stains and aging. Luminous clarity will follow.

M | Perfectionist

Who needs airbrushing when science is on your side? This gentle pico-toning laser corrects pigmentation, pores and multiple blemishes to attain your #bareskin goals.

Profhilo Hydrolift

Meet "Injectable Glow" -- the 6-month injectable moisturiser that boosts skin's collagen production by 12 times.

M | Rejuran Time Healer

Beauty is in the wisdom of the body.

M | Skin Transformation

Give your skin a second chance with this damage- and scar-repairing transformative treatment.

M | Skin Love

Breathe new life into dull, damaged or aged skin with powerful microlaser technology and professional stem cell concentrates.

M | Pure Perfect

It's smooth sailing ahead for acneic, oily or congested skin with this one-way ticket to reduced pore appearance and crystal clarity.

Clear Reveal

Renew, reveal and rejoice. Reclaim the glory of clear, youthful radiant skin with this award-winning professional peel.

Rejuran Healer SkinBooster

Time heals almost everything. Rejuran heals time on your skin.

Youth Dew SkinBooster

Take the plunge into lasting pro-youth hydration with this treatment that leaves skin looking its dewy best.

M | Ulthera Youth Revive

You can’t travel back in time, but your skin can. Rewind and pause your dermal clock non-invasively with this lunchtime facelift.

Exilis Skin Gym

Award-winning total workout to tone your face, eyes, neck and body.

M | 3D Facelift

Soar above time-worn skin, gravity-induced sagginess, and volume loss.

Secret Contour Lift

The facelift and eyelift that never happened.

Natural Fillers (Phi-Lift)

Conversations about skin lifting and contour definition needs to go deeper.

BTX Happy Lift

Elevate your smile and brows, because a happy face is a beautiful face.

M | Neck Rejuvenation

Redefine graceful aging with this non-surgical lift for saggy double chins and lined necks.

M | Face Slim & Sculpt

Shape an exquisite V-shaped jawline with this lunchtime treatment.

Nose Sculpt

No facial feature commands a more prime piece of real estate than the nose. Strive for your desired silhouette with non-surgical nose refinement.

Chin Sculpt

Sculpt your V-Line, lift years off your face and elevate your beauty with this lunchtime treatment.

M | Eye Bright

Tired of looking tired? Wake up to your brightest future yet with this three-step eye revitalising program.

M | Eye D.N.A.

Inspire wide-awake eyes that “Do. Not. Age.” with skin-lifting science.

Exilis Kiss

Give lined lips and aged pouts the kiss-off with this non-invasive smile rejuvenator.

TruSculpt Flex

When toning muscles is your goal, take your body further with Trusculpt Flex.

Exilis Skin Gym (For Body)

Tone, slim and smooth. Shape your reality painlessly with award-winning science.

M | Vanquish Body Perfect

Achieve your perfect body silhouette without liposuction.

M | 3D Dreamsculpt

Own the svelte, sculpted silhouette of your dreams with this non-invasive body contouring treatment.

X-Wave CelluTone

Wave goodbye to cellulite, water retention, stretch marks and flabby skin.

Exilis Ultra Femme

Reclaim your body, recharge your intimate life and restrengthen urinary function in 8 Minutes.

Glamour Peel

A full body detox for days when you need to look your ‘Red-carpet’ best.

BTX For Excessive Underarm Sweating

Free yourself from excessive underarm sweating with this quick treatment.

Ulthera Body Lift

Lift your skin (and spirits) with this powerful non-surgical body tightening treatment.

M | Stretch Mark Repair

Fade stretch marks into soft focus with this bespoke multi-modality program.

M | Hair Restore

Medical hair restoration for men and women in 60 minutes. Start loving your hair again.