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Stem Cell Skincare Demystified
"As skin cells 're-learn' how to behave young again, fresh supple skin is naturally revealed."

"As skin cells 're-learn' how to behave young again, fresh supple skin is naturally revealed."

Stem cell technology is a fascinating area of medical research. Not surprisingly, it’s potential health breakthroughs have been adopted by the beauty industry to promote a wide variety of anti-aging creams and serums.

Do stem cell products actually offer science-backed hope in a jar, or is it mere hype rooted in marketing fantasy? How does one siphon through truckloads of different “stem cell” skincare?

Here are key facts and pointers to help you navigate the skincare aisles like a pro.


You might have heard about the amazing potential of stem cells to differentiate into various new tissues. But did you know that stem cells also play the vital role in orchestrating the body’s natural healing and regeneration response? In essence, this is how stem cell skincare boosts skin rejuvenation and post-treatment skin healing.

When we are young, we have a high ratio of active stem cells in our bodies. These secrete potent cytokines and growth factors that signal and coordinate proper healing, renewal and regeneration processes within our skin.

As we age, our stem cell count and activity diminish. Skin gradually loses its innate ability to renew and repair itself as a result. This impaired ability to heal – not just from open wounds as you might imagine, but also from the constant environmental damage – results in visible signs of skin aging such as pigment spots, wrinkles, sagging, dullness and fragile thinned out skin.

The medical world’s solution to this is to reactivate skin’s normal self-healing ability by supplementing the lost cytokines and growth factors topically – through stem cell conditioned media skincare that’s free of foreign cells and safe for use.


Most “stem cell” skincare products flooding the market today use either plant stem cells or growth factors that are derived from adult cells, not mammalian neonatal stem cells (e.g. umbilical cord stem cells).

Plant stem cell signals directed at other plant cells are received through specific plant receptors, and hence, have little effect on mammalian cells. Likewise, between mammalian species, stem-cell derived cytokines and growth factors are easily recognized by other mammalian cells, but not by plant cells.

Although botanical stem cell extracts (usually from exotic species of apples, melon, or grapes) do not work as stem cems on skin, but they are often rich in beneficial actives like antioxidants and show promise in studies to enhance skin’s resistance against UV stress or dryness.

Mammalian stem cells are much more challenging to obtain, compared to botanical ones. The umbilical cord lining is a new and very rich source of stem cells, as opposed to other sources such as bone marrow and placenta. 12 billion young, immunologically naive and highly active neonatal stem cells can be harvested per cord. No animals or humans are harmed during the collection process as well, since the umbilical cord is a birth waste.

Furthermore, even though non-stem adult cells (e.g. skin fibroblasts) and adult stem cells (e.g. from bone marrow aspirates or liposuctioned fat tissue) also secrete growth factors, cord lining neonatal stem cells are most prized as the high quality molecular “Youth Messages” or bio-signals they produce encourage healing and rejuvenation more effectively.


CALECIM Professional uses New Zealand red deer umbilical cord lining stem cells that are ethically sourced, carefully screened, and nurtured in the lab under patented processes.

These mammalian neonatal stem cells secrete the ideal physiological mix of highly active skin-restoring growth factors, anti-inflammatory cytokines, and proteins. This stem cell conditioned media (a.k.a Rejuvenating Conditioned Media) is then extracted for use.

Used for wound-healing medical research to help patients with conditions such as chronic diabetic ulcers and corneal disease, this healing soup that’s devoid of foreign cells is incorporated into a range of safe professional treatment and home care products to create the perfect nourishment for healthy skin regeneration.

As skin cells ‘re-learn’ how to behave young again, fresh supple skin is naturally revealed.


At Moyem Medical Aesthetics, we use CALECIM Professional’s trio of products to stave off skin aging and bring professional treatments to the next level.

#1 CALECIM YOUTHERAPY is a facial powered by pure CALECIM Professional Serum. Deeply penetrated with ultrasound, it saturates skin with the highest concentration of Rejuvenating Conditioned Media that triggers skin to:

  • Rebuild at the structural layers: Skin regains firmness and elasticity.
  • Recover from stressors: Skin overcomes daily environmental damage.  
  • Reactivate healthy cell cycle: Skin renews rough, dull old cells with young vibrant ones. Skin maintains youthful density. 

Best done with gently exfoliating and hydrating Hydradermabrasion, CALECIM Youtherapy is a great facial to supercharge your anti-aging skincare regime on the regular basis.

Combined with professional treatments, CALECIM Youtherapy is our trusted ally to boost post-procedure skin recovery. This not only helps to significantly reduce any redness, swelling and downtime after laser micro-resurfacing, microneedling radiofrequency, chemical peel and skinbooster micro-injections, it further enhances skin response for optimal results that last.

#2 CALECIM RESTORATIVE HYDRATION CREAM is a non-greasy anti-aging moisturiser with naturally derived hyaluronic acid (HA) from cord lining extract to replace moisture instantly at the epidermal layer.

Going beyond the surface, its Rejuvenating Conditioned Media promotes skin’s innate HA production from within to help maintain deep hydration and bounciness, while effectively restoring youthful epidermal cell turnover for fresher, smoother skin.

  • Treats dehydrated, dry or sensitive skin troubled by fine lines, dull rough epidermis, or signs of premature skin aging.
  • Retains hydration and supplies nourishment necessary for skin’s natural repair. Used pre-and post-procedure, this ensures skin recovers quickly and reaps the maximum benefits from in-clinic treatments.
  • Maintains the deep hydration and line plumping results after Youth Dew SkinBooster treatment.

#3 CALECIM MULTI-ACTION CREAM is luxuriously rich cream with Rejuvenating Conditioned Media to revitalise aging skin.

By directing physiological “Youth Messages” to help activate pathways responsible for maintaining firmness, hydration and cellular turnover, the Multi-Action Cream helps to visibly restore natural skin fullness and tightness.

  • Maintains youthful skin density and “thickness”.
  • Builds skin elasticity, and enhances the definition of jawline, cheek, and brow contours.
  • Improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles