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What Makes for an Effective Skin Tightening Treatment?
“Genius Lift uses intelligent microneedling RF technology to provide the ideal combination of depth, power, rapid recovery and high safety.”

“Genius Lift uses intelligent microneedling RF technology to provide the ideal combination of depth, power, rapid recovery and high safety.”

Intelligent skin anti-aging is a matter that comes down to harmony. Along with Ultherapy, Genius Lift has become our “firm favourite” for lifting the face, eyes, neck and body.

Genius Lift is the latest generation of non-surgical skin tightening treatment that features AI-enhanced microneedle radiofrequency. It’s genius because it excels in all 4 key factors – depth, heat, precision, and layering – held in delicate balance to help our skin play its regenerative role to maximum effect.

1. Depth

While we always say “skin” sagging, the laxity that causes our faces (and eyelids, neck and body) to succumb to gravity is more than skin deep — it begins with the structural weakening of the underlying soft tissue and foundational layers deep below the skin.

With a maximum depth of 3.5mm and 4.5mm respectively, Genius Lift and Ultherapy allows treatment of the deeper tissue below skin for effective firming, non-surgical lifting effect.

2. Temperature

Research has shown that heating the dermis to a certain temperature will cause collagen stimulation and contraction. At 40 to 45°C, the body activates its repair response in the area by laying down new collagen. Higher temperatures, between 55 to 68°C, will cause immediate collagen contraction and tightening, as well as jumpstart a vigorous renewal process, replacing old, damaged tissue with new, stronger collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid over subsequent months.

Simply put, high temperatures produce more visible results, and that requires more energy. The challenge here is: How do we deliver high energy to the deep tissue in a safe, well-tolerated way?

By using insulated microneedles that deliver energy only at the tips, Genius Lift bypasses the surface skin and reaches these optimised temperatures at depth to initiate vigorous collagen synthesis and restore youthful elasticity to skin.

Microneedle RF also offers “fractional” treatment. This important concept first came from fractional micro-resurfacing lasers like Fraxel and SmartXide, and has since spread to many new “star” devices today, such as Ultherapy (high intensity micro-focused ultrasound) and Genius Lift.

Using intense, focused energy to treat only tiny pixels of tissue (micro-coagulation zones) at uniform spacing leaves the intervening tissue untouched, allowing for rapid healing. This energy spacing means better safety and comfort with less downtime, while yielding a strong regeneration response and hence, good visible results.

This not only makes Genius Lift an effective skin tightening, it also translates into quick recovery time, high safety and suitability for more sensitive skintypes, or darker Asian skin types who are more prone to complications like hyperpigmentation.

3. Precision

Precise energy delivery increases the consistency and safety of treatment. Fractional resurfacing lasers are highly precise, but only treats the skin. Traditional monopolar radiofrequency (e.g. Thermage) reaches deeper than lasers, but imprecisely bulk heats tissue at variable temperatures and depths (i.e. less predictable results).

Exact depth is consistently achieved via Genius’ advanced robotic handpiece and proprietary gold microneedles.

Skin’s tissue impedance (or resistance) can vary significantly between individuals and even between different treatment areas (e.g. between cheek and eyelid skin, or face vs body skin) in the same person. This means energy set might be totally different from the actual energy delivered. Genius’ smart technology provides real-time tissue impedance feedback to ensure the energy is delivered in the optimal way for every pulse, every treatment area, and every individual.

Intelligent energy delivery not only provides consistent, good results, it also makes Genius a scar treatment like no other. In addition to the improvement of loose, saggy skin, it promotes dermal volumisation that restores youthful plumpness, lifting depressed scars from within.

4. Layering

Ultherapy, a scientifically robust treatment supported by over 100 papers and 100 patents, has also taught us the importance of layering the treatment in multiple depths for better results. However, this is limited to fixed depths (4.5, 3.0 and 1.5mm).

An effective anti-aging treatment is necessarily a tailored one. Genius provides an added level of precision by allowing us to treat at fully customisable skin depths with fine increments of 0.1mm, targeting both deep dermal and subdermal tissue layers. Stimulating collagen production in various tissue layers strengthens the whole collagen backbone of the skin for more effective non-surgical lifting, as well as improvement in skin texture, wrinkles and scars.

This wide range of depth control capability also enables us to confidently treat both thin, delicate areas, such as the eyelids, and thicker skinned areas, like the body.